Thursday, March 31, 2016

Denim Skirt

I have been eyeing this fabric for about a year at one of the local fabric stores. I think it's so unique and interesting. My daughter refused to wear it, so I would not buy it.

The last time we were at this store I explained to her that it was made for her to wear really cool leggings underneath. I walked her through all of the beautiful knits to see if there was any she wanted to wear under the hole skirt. She surprised me by picking the solid red. I of course used the bowtie leggings by Bella Sunshine Design and made her red leggings.

I also told her since she chose red it would look SO cute if we made it a Cardinals outfit and she adimentaly agreed. I wanted a simple mini skirt and chose the Penny Skirt from Bella Sunshine Design.

The skirt was tricky because of the holes and I had to be careful as I connected the seams, but I figured it out and am thrilled with the outcome!

Ahhh, I LOVE it! 

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