Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday

As Isabella's birthday approached we began talking about what kind of party she would want. In the winter I found some princess stickers on clearance and purchased them because I was sure we would have a princess party. For a while she wanted a Boutique birthday party, like her 3rd birthday party. I braced myself because I was certain she would ask for a Frozen party and I was already planning how I would make a frozen costume and if I would make a coordinating outfit for Bubby.
Well, Isabella finally settled on a Pirate Fairy party! I thought this was a great idea and I could make  Bubby a pirate outfit!
 I had so much fun creating the kids outfits and loved the challenge of matching Isabella's to Zarina, the Disney Pirate Fairy.
 I used the My Little Plumcake Hope Romper to create Caleb's pirate romper.
 I also loved their photo shoot. The kids had so much fun with their pirate accessories.
 I got a little scared because just as I was getting ready to begin Isabella's outfit she decided she did not want a Pirate Fairy party. 
  After further inquiry I discovered she thought she would have to leave in the middle of her party because Zarina leaves Pixie Hollow in the movie.
After assuring her she would not have to leave her party but she could have any party she wanted she settled on a Pirate Fairy party.
 We had an absolute blast. I put twinkling Christmas lights up in our living area and told the kids they were fairies.
 Ben planned a fabulous treasure hunt for the kids that they loved!
 It was one of my favorite parties that I've planned and executed.