Friday, June 16, 2017

Sew What do I Wear Vacation Time!

It's summer time and that means vacation time! I want to sew some trendy clothes to wear on vacation this summer! I am so honored to be a part of the Sew What Do I Wear Summer Vacation Edition Blog tour sponsored by Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates!

Have you noticed all of the mannequins at the stores are wearing off the shoulder tops? Or all of those silly ads I see on Facebook have models with off the shoulder tops. So, when I was thinking about what to sew for vacation it was obvious that I was going to use the Mama Daphne to make an off the shoulder top. I used a rayon challis on my top to make it the perfect weight for summer.

Once I chose a top it was time to make some shorts, I looked in my closet and realized my favorite shorts are rayon challis so I knew the Mama Lucy shorts were just what I needed. I paired a red Rayon challis with a red lace to make one of my favorite outfits of the summer. I made a few alterations to perfect my look. First, I hemmed each piece of my rayon challis and then I sewed the shorts together as written as if the lace and rayon were one piece. (I hemmed the rayon challis 1.5" so it was definitely shorter than the lace.) I also added a flat front to the shorts, this gave them a more chic look that I was wanting. (Before I added the flat front the lace gathered in the front in a way I did not like.) Now it's time to explore!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Sew What Do I Wear

So, the Holidays are approaching and I'm quickly sewing up Christmas outfits for my kids, family pajamas and even a few gifts. The question is what is mama going to wear? We have a list of events to attend in the next few months: brunch, fundraisers, choir performances, tree lighting ceremonies, and tree decorating with the family.  I want to wear something festive but weather appropriate, which means it need to be warm because it's COLD here. It also needs to be comfortable because I have three kids who I will be chasing around at each event. I love the slim fit raglan, it's flattering and comfortable but is it dressy enough for holiday events? Well, with the right fabric and a funnel neck add-on it's the perfect choice for me.

I made this one in red french terry and it's just what I needed: festive formal enough for our events and most importantly comfortable. I love the funnel collar because it adds a bit of class to the raglan and makes it just right for holiday events.

Scarves are everywhere this season so I used the Made for Mermaids free tutorial and made mysself an infinity scarf to add to my outfit for those especially cold nights.

Now I have the perfect holiday look!

I sewed up one more raglan just to show how versatile this pattern can be. This is my tree decorating shirt. This pattern can go from formal to sporty depending on fabric choice and that's what I love! A pattern is especially versatile! (Slim Fit Raglan) (add on pack) (bundle)

If you missed any of the other holiday inspirations go back and check them out!
I want to thank Patterns for Pirates and Made for Mermaids for allowing me to be a part of the Sew, What do I wear Holiday Edition

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ava Tunic

My favorite patterns are those with lots of options! My latest sew has just that lots of options! The new Made for Mermaids Ava tunic comes in sizes 6m-14, two sleeve lengths and 3 hems! Plus, it is a super quick sew!

 I made the scoop neck, tunic version and my daughter loves it!

I think it will be perfect for this fall/winter when she needs warm tunics and leggings for school!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mommy I want to be Belle

When we started planning our Disney vacation I asked Isabella what kind of outfits she wanted me to make her. I expected her to say Jasmine, Rapunzel, Aurora, all of her favorite princesses. I was shocked when she said Belle! Now, I know Isabella does not like Beauty and the Beast, (she thinks it's too scary), but she chose Belle. I also know she knows Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie and I think that is why she picked Belle.

So, I was tasked with making a Belle dress. Now, when I recreate outfits for my kids I try to make them as true to the original as I can. Well, after a lot of studying I decided a Belle dress in Orlando in May would not be a good idea so I decided to make my own variation of a Belle dress. I went with the Foo Foo Threads Alexia pattern.

I was thrilled with how it turned out. In fact, it might be my favorite outfit to date.

I mastered my ruffler foot while constructing this dress! :)

Settling in for a little light reading.

Isabella loves her dress too, the only downside is it's too big to wear in her carseat. Hopefully it will be okay to wear on the school bus.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Denim Skirt

I have been eyeing this fabric for about a year at one of the local fabric stores. I think it's so unique and interesting. My daughter refused to wear it, so I would not buy it.

The last time we were at this store I explained to her that it was made for her to wear really cool leggings underneath. I walked her through all of the beautiful knits to see if there was any she wanted to wear under the hole skirt. She surprised me by picking the solid red. I of course used the bowtie leggings by Bella Sunshine Design and made her red leggings.

I also told her since she chose red it would look SO cute if we made it a Cardinals outfit and she adimentaly agreed. I wanted a simple mini skirt and chose the Penny Skirt from Bella Sunshine Design.

The skirt was tricky because of the holes and I had to be careful as I connected the seams, but I figured it out and am thrilled with the outcome!

Ahhh, I LOVE it! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Sewing

I love skirts! I could live in skirts, but Isabella does not, she much prefers dresses. However, some skirt patterns are too cute not to sew. I have loved the Penny skirt from Simple Life Pattern Co. sinced it was first released and I finally bought it this spring. The thing about skirts is I like pairing them with store bought knit tops. So, before I could sew her skirt I first had to go to the store and find a shirt. We went to Target and found a navy and mint colored shirt that I liked, so then we went home to find matching fabric. I should have taken a picture of all our fabric choices, but we finally settled on what I think was the perfect match.

The striped fabric was perfect and I matched the fabric perfectly when I put in the pockets my daughter didn't even notice it had pockets. :)

I had her put her hands in her pockets so you can see they're really there. 
Sew a new pattern that's already in my collection 
Use fabric out of my stash 
Complete another piece of my daughter's spring wardrobe 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday

When talking with this little buddy about his favorite things heroes is ALWAYS his favorite answer. I showed him a lot of heroes and we talked about a lot of different things and he chose shield guy (Captain America) as his favorite! 

He has his own name for most of the heroes rocket guy-rocket from Guardian of the Galaxies,
roar guy-Hulk
fly guy-Iron Man
hammer guy-Thor
web guy-Spiderman

I love his own language he's created around the heroes. He's very into good guys and bad guys. He wants to know which ones are good and which ones are bad.

He was such a ham during his photo shoot. He did exactly what was asked of him and he was a little goofy and destructive too.

I made the Max and Meena All Ears Hoodie. I had this perfect shield guy fabric that I used as lining on the hood and I color blocked the bodice to make it resemble Captain America.

The Max and Meena hoodie has become my go to pattern this winter for my son. He loves every version I make for him.

A few more pictures because I can't choose the best one.