Thursday, June 27, 2013

Root, Root, Root for the Cardinals, I want to see your face and donuts!

This weekend I was putting Isabella to bed and she chose for me to read her St. Louis Cardinals book. One of the pages in book has the song Take me out to the ball game. Isabella can sing the whole song but I didn't make her, I sang it until I got to the part where you sing, "root, root, root..." I paused and Isabella sang, "root, root, root, for the Royals!" I continued singing and Isabella interrupted me and said, "No mom I said, 'root for the Royals!'" So I stopped and tickled her and told her she was singing it wrong. Before tonight I didn't know if she was aggravating me or if she really liked cheering for the Royals, now I know.

Last night Ben was getting Isabella her evening snack and trying to get her ready for bed. I was putting Caleb to bed and trying to do some laundry. Isabella wondered down the hall and I said to her, "Go sit at the table and eat your snack." She asked, "Will you come sit with me?"
"No honey, I need to do some laundry."
"But mommy, I love you so much I want to see your face!"
Well, when she put it like that of course I will come sit with her!

Today when we were on our way home from the grocery store Isabella said, "Mommy, my stomach hurts. I think if I eat two donuts it will feel better." (She got to eat two donuts when we got home.)

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