Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cute things that have happened this week

This week when I went in to Isabella's room to get her up for the day she screamed and then said, "Scare me!" I didn't mean tot scare her and I didn't even know she knew what "scare me" meant.

Since it's been so warm lately I filled Isabella's wading pool with water and put her slide in the pool. Then, I put her swimming suit on her. Isabella climbed up the slide and slid down into the water. As soon as she hit the water she said "Goodness!" and quickly jumped up and out of the pool. She moved very, very fast!

This weekend Ben was praying before dinner and got rather windy. We were sitting at the table listening to his prayer and Isabella says, "Amen!" She must have been ready to eat, so Ben wrapped up his prayer.

Tonight I gave Isabella a choice between purple shorts and butterfly pants to wear as pajama bottoms. First, she made a choice and then she decided she wanted to wear both bottoms. I put the shorts on her and she still wanted the pants, so I put those on her too. Then, she refused to wear her shirt.

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