Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We just came home from a four day trip to Saint Louis to visit my family. Every morning when we were there Isabella's cousin Abigail (who is only 12 weeks older than her) came over to play. The girls are the same age and they love playing together. They spend a lot of time wanting the toy the other one has but that is typical for their age. Saturday when we were at Abigail's house Isabella told me she wanted water. I gave her her cup but she directed me into the kitchen and into the cabinets until I found Abigail's cup and she asked me to fill it up for her. The girls have always traded cups when they play together. It's one of the cute things they do.
Tuesday Abiggail and Leslie went back to mom and dads house to help mom with some things. Abigail was expecting to see Bella again. When she realized Isabella wasn't there to play she began to cry, "Bella, Bella". I'm so glad our girls love each other so much!

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